OpenGaarden Volunteer Event 2021

Are you up for a new challenge this summer? Bring your family and learn how to make a difference!

OpenGaarden Volunteer Training Event

Are you ready to make a difference in your local community? Attend this short training to learn how you can become a volunteer for the OpenGaarden project! There are so many different ways to get involved, so be sure to check this out and get plugged in! Free and open to all ages!

About this activity

Training will cover OpenGaarden data methodology and practicum to allow volunteers of all ages to iumnmediately get started making a difference! Also covered will be our local community initiatives, various projects, and concept ideas. Feedback is always welcome at these events, so come prepared to share!

The registrations ends on July 31st, 2021!

The goal of this activity is that it should be fun for everybody and that everyone should leave feeling better equipped to tackle their local community's issues. Specific skillsets earned are based on which volunteer category you have chosen, but each field is exceptionally rewarding and engaging! 

Volunteer Categories/Options:

  • Online historical researchers/data collectors
  • In-person data collectors
  • Tech Support/Web Design
  • Audio/Video editing
  • Data upkeep/Enrichment
  • Concept feedback/app testing
  • Project Team Leaders



Jul 31, 01:00